Jasdeep Singh Scholarship

Jasdeep Singh Scholarship

For First-generation of college attendees and the first generation of immigrants

This scholarship is in honor of Asha and Iqbal Singh, two parents who valued education above all else and believed everyone deserves the chance to learn and succeed.

This award is open to any incoming college freshman or sophomore who is the first in their household family to attend a post-secondary school. Applicants may be attending any non-profit two-year or four-year accredited school.

Jasdeep Singh Scholarship
Iqbal and Asha Singh

Jasdeep Singh - About

Jasdeep Singh was born in Connecticut to two wonderful parents who emigrated from India in the 1970s. Education literally opened worlds for them and my family would like to support two students follow their dreams of a post-secondary degree.

I’ve attended the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford for multiple degrees, and just finished my MBA to UConn. 

Currently, I am proud to be the Chief Operating Officer of 3BC – The Cannabinoid Company

Jasdeep Singh Scholarship
Jasdeep Singh CT

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