Jasdeep Singh Scholarship

For First-generation of college attendees and the first generation of immigrants

This scholarship is in honor of Asha and Iqbal Singh, two parents who valued education above all else and believed everyone deserved the chance to learn and succeed.

This award is open to any incoming college freshman or sophomore who is the first in their household family to attend a post-secondary school. Applicants may be attending any non-profit two-year or four-year accredited school.


Two $1000 scholarships (one must be a Connecticut resident, the other from any U.S. state)


  • An incoming freshman or sophomore
  • First person in household family to attend a non-profit accredited post-secondary school

Required Materials for Entry (all items must be submitted together in PDF format):

  • Essay
  • Signed Personal Statement
  • Proof of applicant’s state residency (ex. utility bill, school letter, state/federal ID)
  • Proof of acceptance/enrollment (ex. schedule, official letter/message, transcript)
    -If you have not been accepted by January 15, the money will be awarded upon proof of acceptance.

Essay Topic:

Why do you want to attend college? What do you hope to get out of your educational experience?
(Word Count Limit: 650 words)

Essays will be assessed on the clarity of the ideas presented and the overall expression and quality of writing. Entries will be judged by a team of PK-12 and university educators.

The following Personal Honor Statement must be submitted as a separate page from the essay.

Personal Statement:

I attest that this essay is the product of my own ideas and writing.
In this statement, I also attest that I am the first person in my immediate family to attend a two-year or four-year college.


Applicant Name


Applicant Signature

You can submit your application to

  [email protected] 

by January 15, 2021.

Jasdeep Singh Scholarship
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