Past Awardees

Previous winners of the Jasdeep Singh Family Scholarship are hard working, genuine, and inspiring learners who will bring positive energy to their respective schools and careers. The Board for the Scholarship was moved by the honesty these students presented in their essays. They clearly respected their roots and cultures but were also very focused on their futures and the challenges that lay ahead.

In fact, our first cohort of applicants were so impressive the Board raised an extra $300 for two $150 prizes. The recipients were so thankful for the help that we will continue these awards in the future.

We look forward to adding more names and helping as many students as we can!

Fall 2021

This cohort is from across the United States, represents students who are immigrants themselves or children of immigrants, and spans areas of study.

$1000 Scholarship Recipients

Monica F.     Gaffney, SC
Gurleen S.    Alamosa, CO

$150 Scholarship Recipients

Monica B.    Duncan, SC

Spring 2021

This cohort came from all across the United States and represented multiple cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. What is notable about this group is that they span the range from high school senior to adult leaner.

$1000 Scholarship Recipients

Jackson D.    Perris, CA
Brittany G.    Las Vegas, NV

$150 Scholarship Recipients

Fatima K.    Oakland, CA
Denisse P.   Atlanta, GA

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